Transform the Loving Force of Healthy Anger into Clear Seeing and Wise Action

Do you find it hard to set boundaries?

Do you struggle to stand up for yourself?

Do you feel powerless instead of angry?

Awaken your energy of fierce love to respect and protect yourself in this original 20-part audio course by self-compassion expert and clinical psychologist Dr Christine Braehler.

Learn to tap into and transform healthy anger into clear seeing and wise action. Work with inner parts that disempower you, using methods derived from Internal Family Systems Therapy and specifically designed practices of mindfulness and self-compassion.

To benefit from this course, you need to feel reasonably safe, stable and have skills for regulating distress.

Listen in

What participants say:

"Alchemizing anger into clarity and compassion into justice is brought to us by a sage.This course is brilliant and highly transformative. There is kindness and patience in Dr. Christine's voice as she inspires the listener towards a higher path. I am so grateful for the calm and assertive energy that I am experiencing that can be fierce and free."

— J. from NY, USA


"Such a terrific course! Stick with it to the end, lesson 20 had nuggets of wisdom for and practical tips for everyday to live into my truth whilst remaining engaged and receptive to those with other viewpoints. Wow, worthy of repeating and of committing to memory! Thank you."

— K. from NC, USA

Meet Your Guide

Christine Brähler (DClinPsy, PhD) is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, author and lecturer. She has been teaching compassion for self and others around the world since 2008. She is a key contributor to the first clinical adaptations – Compassion Focused Therapy - and to the non-clinical training program, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), and its teacher training.

She has pioneered research into compassion-based psychotherapy for complex mental health issues.

Through her books, online courses and transformative workshops she guides us to overcome obstacles to gentle and fierce self-compassion and to relate to each other from a place of genuine good will, wisdom, and empowerment to co-create and live our purpose. Her approach integrates evidence-based methods, compassion-based parts work with a deep respect for and intuitive understanding of our innate wisdom and shared humanity.

She is a multilingual global citizen with a German passport and a popular speaker and workshop leader.

Safety First

To benefit from this course you need to be able to:

  1. feel your body with your eyes closed without feeling uncomfortable

  2. soothe yourself when feeling distressed

  3. name your key emotions and parts when they arise

Take Your Power Back


Seek professional help where you live, if you are experiencing:

acute intense psychological distress, self-harming behaviour or suicidal thoughts.

Asking for help is an act of self-compassion.

This course is not a replacement for such professional help and may not be suitable for you at this time.