Get Started and Unstuck on the Path to Becoming Your Best Friend

Do you want to be kinder to yourself but struggle with regular self-love or self-compassion meditations because you feel blocked?

A life-long habit of unkindness does not disappear after a few minutes. In fact, the parts of us that have kept us safe by ignoring our needs or treating us harshly get scared by the idea of change and block our progress. 

In this 10-part audio course you will learn about your roadblocks, understand and befriend these parts and get to test out common alternative routes to get you started with self-compassion or get you unstuck.

Do fears or doubts block your self-compassion?

Do you not know what you need?

Then this innovative and original 10-Day Audio Course by and with Clinical Psychologist, IFS Level 2 Therapist and Senior Self-Compassion Teacher Trainer, Dr. Christine Brähler, can help you get unstuck.

Duration: 110 min | Published: 22nd December 2022 | © All Rights Reserved

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Course Fee

Duration: 110 Minutes | Published: 22nd December 2022 | © Dr. Christine Brähler, All Rights Reserved

Two years of unlimited access to streaming of audio file for non-commerical, personal use.


Seek professional help where you live, if you are experiencing:

acute intense psychological distress, self-harming behaviour or suicidal thoughts.

Asking for help is an act of self-compassion.

This course is not a replacement for such professional help and may not be suitable for you at this time.